Learner-Centered and Learner-Driven Learning

Andrew Easton is an educator and thought leader in the education community. He is a high-energy presenter who loves learning and collaborating with teachers. Andrew advocates for innovation in education as a speaker, blogger, podcaster, and author for Dave Burgess Consulting Inc.

A Practical Approach to Personalized Learning


“My concern is the lack of implementation, that is where I come in.”

Learning is personalized when the learner has both the opportunity to own their learning process and the ability to strategically tailor the experience to optimally suit their individual learning Strengths, Preferences, Interests and/or Needs (SPIN).


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What Educators Need to Know About Teaching in a Post-Covid 19 Classroom

In the first few weeks following the widespread school closures across the US and around the world, educators were gasping for resources and scrambling to move their coursework online. In what was an incredibly stressful and emotional time, teachers everywhere rose to meet the needs of the moment. Together, we shined. Having weathered that initial […]

From a Landing Page to a Learning Home

Moving is quite the process. I’ve done it seven times in my life across three different states. But I’ve never experienced a move quite like the one educators have recently made by moving their classroom online. And this got me thinking. I wondered if my past experiences with boxes and U-Hauls might have something to […]


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“Teaching learners how to learn is much more impactful than teaching them what to learn.”