Personalized Learning Video Series

In 2015, Westside Community Schools in Omaha, NE implemented a new set of core strategies designed to drive and unite perspective on district-wide initiatives. One of the central pillars of emphasis in that plan was a focus on personalized learning. At that time, I was in my second year in the Westside district and began to redesign my blended flex model for teaching in order to incorporate the new elements of personalization. The process and its resulting product in practice have been greatly rewarding for me as an educator, for our team as a group, and most importantly for my students in their learning, engagement, and demonstrated mastery of content. Recently, our district asked me to create video content that would overview Westside Community School’s Five Elements of Personalized Learning and then go on to detail each of the five elements with greater depth and examples. Below is the overview video of the five elements.



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